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  • Becc Vidovich

Barossa Artisan Gin!

Artisan by definition is a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand. When it comes to gin, Black Cat Gin is the epitome of an artisan gin.

Creators, scientists and genuine artisans, Diane and Steven, LOVE gin with a devotion that is both personal and professional. From growing the raw product right through to processing and distillation, their wine industry background presented the perfect opportunity to move to the ‘other side of the railway track’ and set up Black Cat Gin.

The Black Cat Gin team is made up of one part viticulturist and one part distiller. Diane and Steven's technical and industry backgrounds have equipped them with the expertise, skill and passion to tackle the myriad of challenges that crop up, yet keep that clear focus on the goal - to produce handcrafted, small batch, authentic, well-constructed gins that people enjoy drinking.

Happily spending their days at the commercial coal face of the wine/spirit industries, often knee deep in the raw ingredients, Diane and Steven spend downtime taking these elements to distil them with favourite berries, herbs, seeds, spices and fruits to create the Black Cat Gin blends.

Furthermore, the brilliance of re-harvesting wine industry bi-products to create pure grape spirit makes this gin is as much about industry sustainability as it is about adding value to create something deliciously unique.

Yet another in the cap for Barossa Valley produce!


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