• Becc Vidovich

Small business, big hearts!

Just wanting to give a shout out to some wonderful businesses and their people that I have had the pleasure of working with. We all recognise that right now, business is uncertain. The people (and their incredible teams) continue to work hard - rapidly evolving to the current changing needs of their customers. This is no small feat. I applaud you.

Now more than ever, support local and small business where you can as this is the time to get behind them:

ekoo energy & organics (Kerry Cleopatra) https://www.ekoo.com.au

Winepack Warehouse (Kerry Forbes) https://www.winepackwarehouse.com.au

2B Nourish'd (Kylie Zivic & team) https://www.facebook.com/2b_nourished

Sunshine Barossa Australia (Carol Dadds & team) https://sunshinebarossa.com.au

Evolve Manual Therapy (Erin Riley & team) https://www.evolvemanualtherapy.com.au

Stacey's Cakes (Stacey Grain) https://www.facebook.com/staceyscakeskapunda/

Black Cat Gin (Diane Stewart) https://blackcatgin.com.au

Barossa Rental Specialists (Lisa Ackeroyd & team) https://barossarentals.com

Visualcom (Christine & Ray Ormsby) https://www.visualcom.com.au/about-us/#team

Barossa Wellness (Tania Bingham & Jenni) https://www.barossawellness.com.au

Bishop Building (Matt & Hayley Bishop & team) http://www.bishopbuilding.com.au

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