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I am a photographer with nearly 20 years  experience. My studies at the Centre of Creative Photography in South Australia proved an excellent foundation in theory, technical, practical and creative aspects of photography. I began working with film photography and have loved exploring the mystery of the dark room. Now, working with digital imagery has opened doors to another world with limitless opportunities.


I find photography is fun, allows me a chance to meet a variety of people, visit a variety of places, capture some unique experiences and be creative in the process. I enjoy telling a story through images and looking from alternative perspectives to the immediately obvious.


I love working with other passionate business owners to help create and build their vision. Working with both start ups and established business across various industries.

When photographing people, I feel it is important to attempt to capture the true spirit of an individual, and even better, that rare moment when the "camera ready" look dissolves and the uninhibited nature of a person surfaces.


For me, photography is a fantastic creative outlet that is accessible, unpretentious whilst recording valuable moments in time.

best, becc x


becc photos 

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