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  • Becc Vidovich

Some days are diamonds...

A fabulous afternoon shopping at Some Days are Diamonds & Of Paint and Possession

Imagine walking into an up-cycled, creative dream…where furniture is manufactured from parts, pieces and pre loved furniture to transform into an artistic collection no-one else has. On the walls, a collection of canvases and artworks featuring all colours of the palate.

All pieces in store are either one off, made to order or altered. The talent behind this is Richard and Helen Hosking. For 35 years Richard has been passionately creating with furniture and Helen painting and building an eclectic art collection. For the last 10 years they have been located on Magill Road in Norwood (recently merging 2 stores, as well as a warehouse site).

It is such a treat to be in this store - harder to leave without everything in the store that I love, which would require a very large removal truck! As well as this, meeting two genuine, passionate and down to earth people. And the prices are very reasonable. Tick, tick, tick!

Visit and to find out more about Richard and Helen and their incredible work - the possibilities of which are only limited by your imagination!


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