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  • Becc Vidovich

Julie L

Becc has a great eye for detail and making families feel relaxed while in front of her lense. I have two teenagers that loved spending time having their photos taken to capture memories that we will forever cherish (an activity that teenagers don’t usually endorse). Becc had recommended that the kids might like to bring a prop to incorporate into our photos. The kids thought about this and decided to bring ballet slippers and a scooter. The backdrop for our photos were hay bales in a local paddock, an environment not conducive to scooter riding and twirls, never the less both of these treasured items were crafted into our family portraits. Becc’s talent, professionalism and ability to encourage us all to step out of our comfort zone is an asset to her business. I am so pleased with our family portraits from 2 years ago, that it is now time for me to book another session for an updated family photo to proudly show off and compare the changes in our family.


becc photos 

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