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  • Becc Vidovich

Meet the People...Lisa Akeroyd

Meeting new people socially and professionally is interesting for me because Im curious in their story, what their passions and interests are, how they have become...them. I am inspired by the energy in people that have passion about the work they do - it can be infectious.

My first thoughts on meeting Lisa Akeroyd to talk about Barossa Rentals and her career journey was that this lady has great integrity towards her work - it is not transactional, it is genuine commitment and belief in what she does. Lisa has worked in all aspects of the industry and it is rental management which she has chosen as her key area of interest, because she believes she can offer a positive difference to her customer's experience.

This is not only due to her depth of industry knowledge and accreditation. Lisa is genuinely passionate about what she does and this is clear in the way she lights up as she talks about her business.

When getting to know Lisa and during our photoshoots, it is evident that her commitment and understanding to both the Investor and the Tenant brings an authenticity and engagement to her relationships. As a person she is very gracious and grounded when she talks about her business and the people she is effected by.

Not only that, Lisa is a fun person with an incredible smile so the camera loves her!

To find out more about Lisa Akeroyd and Barossa Rentals visit

* pictured above is Lisa Akeroyd, also featuring Joanne Manning


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